Canvas doesn’t have the same exact needs as a paper print, meaning you can display your canvas without any glazing and without storing it in a glass frame. Since canvas is a type of woven fabric, it’s long-lasting and often the go-to for quality art prints you want to hang in your home for many years. Artist-grade canvas is meant to hold color and shape without fading or diminishing in quality and is archivally rated for over 100 years.

As part of the canvas mounting process, a rolled painting or print is stretched and then placed onto high-quality wooden stretcher bars that fit together with grooves. All four stretcher bars create a solid perfectly square base. Stretcher bars come in different thicknesses, and the larger the canvas, the more support the frame needs to have

After the stretcher bars are assembled, it is time to move on to mounting the canvas onto the stretcher bars. The artwork is trimmed to the final size for mounting with some additional space given if it is a gallery wrap design.

When mounting the canvas onto a stretcher wood frame, we ensure the stretcher bars around the edge of the canvas are flush with the edges of the artwork. This helps align your image so it looks just the way you want it. Starting in the middle of one of the longer sides of the canvas, the canvas material is pulled tight and stapled onto the back of the stretcher bar to keep the canvas tight and smooth. The ends of the mounted picture are then stapled securely, and the canvas is wrapped around the back of the frame.

A professionally stretched canvas makes a piece of art less prone to everyday wear and tear, with a perfectly taut surface that doesn’t bow over time. Our professional mounting services wrap the piece of artwork so that it’s perfectly centered and as level as possible. These little details are often ignored by large, commercial print shops, but we are here to ensure your finished mounted canvas looks beautiful for years to come.

Our most popular choice for mounted canvas prints is our Mirror/Wraparound look. The mirror effect covers the sides of the wooden frame and gives your piece more dimension instead of a plain frame. The wraparound print gives the appearance of a larger, more cohesive image with an illusion of depth that is eye-catching.

With this wraparound look, your mounted canvas has a level of professionalism and a unique visual effect. The image appears to extend beyond the boundaries of the canvas, giving one the impression that you could walk right into the frame. This effect paired with vibrant colors holds a special aesthetic appeal for art and photography collectors.


After stretching over the frame, the canvas is ready to hang onto the wall. The ideal tension and professional finish look wonderful in offices, homes, and other settings that require art to light up the decor. Your favorite photos or prints are transformed into a stunning mounted canvas that is ready to hang on your wall in a unique way. Sadly, not all framers out there are familiar with gallery-wrap mounted canvas prints that do not require an external frame. Attractive external framing may be available at a local framing shop. Be sure to check before you commit to a design.

The quality of the canvas used in the mounting process is crucial for a beautiful end product. By choosing a high-quality, durable, and fade-resistant canvas, your mounted canvas will last longer. Our cotton polyester blend is a thicker canvas and will also provide a more professional look. If you have a photo or artwork you love and need it touched up, we offer an image editing service that you can choose when you place your order to ensure a crystal-clear image on your gallery print.

Canvas prints that are durable and resistant to fading are printed with archival ink that will last over 100 years. This protects the framed art print from degrading in quality as time goes by, allowing you to have great-looking prints for years to come. This is something to consider when you’re wanting prints for weddings, personal photo art or family memories.


You can turn your memories into a work of art by having them printed and mounted on high-quality canvas. A mounted canvas turns your cherished memories into life-sized works of art that you can treasure forever. Atlanta Canvas and Print also offers custom gel brushstrokes that provide a unique tactile effect that can be applied to any canvas photo.

Don’t settle for a cheap frame that will warp over time or a canvas that will degrade in quality. Trust an experienced professional to transform your precious moments, memories, and photos into a truly spectacular keepsake. With a mounted canvas, you can wow family and friends and transform your home or office space with gallery-worthy art prints. If you’ve been searching nonstop for ‘canvas mounting near me,’ try Atlanta Canvas and Print for all of your canvas needs.