A clever wall paper addition will make a small room into a comfortable space in any size home.

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Atlanta Canvas has now done several wallpaper and mural jobs and is finding great interest from our local customers. I started out by installing wallpaper in my office, just to see how difficult it is to do. It does take considerable planning but the printing is a really simple function.

So far making the choice of what kind of adhesive to use is the biggest decision. To describe the difference to a customer, it basically comes down to whatever prior experience you have with wall paper. The adhesive I like best is similar to what has always been available and is paste like. It is preinstalled on the roll of paper before printing and you just soak it thoroughly before installing it on the wall.

Most folks who have hung wallpaper would be familiar with this adhesive. The other is considered to be more repositionable and works like a contact paper. It can be moved a bit and likely sets more permanently after a few months time. I can link inquiries to info about them using the Inet and email for those interested. The HP paper is pvc free and meets an amazing list of federal guidelines usually demanded by hospitals and places needing a non outgassing paper that emits little to no fumes for home or workplace! So it will be wonderful for your home and family or even the office!

Instead of several rolls of narrow paper these are shipped in larger widths allowing faster installation by using less rolls of paper. My first commercial installation was the paper in my office and although I am far from being a graphic designer it was reasonably easy to put my logo into a large image of a bamboo forest I photographed outside New Orleans a few years back and the test was done to an acceptable level.

Next a client asked for a mural some eighteen feet in length, It was a "for pay" job and this client seemed delighted. Tonight, I am installing a wallpaper (see above) into some rental space of a large creek flowing in the woods, that I captured a few years back and at this writing I am pleased to say it finished out nicely. It measured 86 high by 105 wide in three pieces. Again using a wide paper it makes the installation faster and it was actually installed in about an hour's time! For sure that does not include the prep time for the wall and we all know that is the most important part to a great installation of any wallpaper!

It is difficult to say in a blog how it will be priced because it depends on the media selected. The blank rolls I purchase are priced differently and I need to see all the details before quoting a price. So far I have made it be a price based on the square foot of the finished installation. By knowing what surface you desire I can purchase blank paper that meets your specification.

They are mostly smooth surfaces and I saw two really interesting ones that had a texture to them. One was a natural sound deadener with a deep detent and I immediately proposed it to my favorite Mexican Restaurant because of the sound being so bad there.

Hopefully they will like the idea and we will see how it works for sound deadening. The other is a suede texture that had an interesting feel to it! Obviously this is a new venture for our company, but give it some consideration and let us see what can be worked out! Give us a call at 770.722.2654 and let's see what we can come up with!

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