Unraveling the Mysteries of Canvas Gallery Wraps

Unraveling the Mysteries of Canvas Gallery Wraps

    • For hundreds of years, the media of choice of artists has been using canvas material bound to a wooden frame. While early paintings were done with crude paint formulations, these paints powered the history of our contemporary art world. The paint media has improved, and the techniques of building the actual basic canvas to paint upon have vastly improved with better materials and construction techniques. Today, Giclee (inkjet) printing is printed on a smooth canvas fabric that is produced by pressing clay into the canvas. This pressure creates a smooth surface that enables automated printers to spray ink in millions of droplets upon the smooth clay surface of contemporary inkjet canvas gallery-wrapped imagery.

The Art of Canvas Printing

    • Many steps are required to produce a contemporary canvas print, such as the quality needed by a professional supplier of high-quality canvas printing. Upon entering the lab, most images are opened and screened using Photoshop or the like to examine them for all the qualifications needed before printing. Once this qualification is satisfied, the image is sent to the mounting department for stretching and stapling. Then, a final quality control person inspects the print for perfection and passes judgment prior to shipping.


Elevate Your Space with Large Canvas Prints

    • How often have you seen a high-quality gallery showing a mixture of Canvas and framed enlargements that inspire you with thoughts of history or a powerful memory of a time past? The dynamic canvas almost always powers the presentation with sheer size and depth. The smaller surrounding imagery usually smooths out the path opened by the large canvas dominating the area. This is the power offered in large canvas prints...

Customization and Personalization

Contemporary high-quality photo labs can print on several important media types. Here at Atlanta Canvas and Print, we produce canvas in three different offerings. There is a 1 1/2-inch thick stretcher and a 1/2-inch version for folks who still have canvas from "back in the day"! Our size limitation is 54 inches by about 120 inches. Prints larger than 24x36 are given cross braces to support their size. Canvas on a Roll is a product intended to help long-distance customers brave the high prices of contemporary shipping companies. Many of our customers who are ordering a large canvas print will order canvas on a roll. The wooden frame is eliminated and discounted by twenty percent to help customers pay for a framing company in a distant town to mount their canvas! Contact our customer service area for specific sizes, procedures, policies, and pricing.

Highlight Atlanta Canvas and Print's dedication to meeting the unique needs of every customer.

  1. Recently, a group of photographers representing a local Vietnamese Camera club engaged Atlanta Canvas to produce an exhibit of several photographers in a public show in Duluth, GA. These were all same-size metal prints of very beautiful art in a nature setting.
  2. This show required a unique hanging device to meet a price point needed for participation in the show. Using picture framing moldings to fabricate the hanging mount, it was manufactured to meet the specifications required for the exhibit. The challenge of inventing a product when necessary has been a vital capability, and this lab shows this when it meets the customers' needs.
  3. This molding can be produced at a minimal price and offers excellent capacity for hanging canvas, metal, and framed enlargements.
    • Strong leadership skills and lots of experience have helped Atlanta Canvas grow in customer satisfaction and reputation.
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