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There's a good chance that you own a printer if you make artwork. If not, you know a local office supply store that can print it for you. It's handy for getting a physical copy of your art, so you can get ideas on how to edit it and make it better.

However, the way your art is photographed or scanned may not match how it looks in real life. Professional photo printing lets you capture its true appearance and will make the artwork last as long as possible.

Here's why quality matters and how to find the best places to order canvas prints.

Your Artwork Will Last Longer

First of all, professional photo printing utilizes special materials to produce an image that won't fade over time or damage easily. Custom canvas print shops in Atlanta accomplish this with archival ink.

Archival ink was designed to last as long as possible without fading, smudging, or smearing when exposed to moisture. It usually will last decades when stored properly.

Another way your professional artwork is preserved is by using a durable medium such as canvas instead of poster paper. Think here of the sturdy wooden frame and the substantive nature of the canvas media.

Quality Prints Look Truer to Life

Anyone might print out their photos at Staples or on a home printer, but it rarely matches the original quality you'll get from a professional photo lab. Quality prints look true to life and match the color palette of your artwork. You can also expect much more detail from them.

The best places to order canvas prints are those that can tell you all about their photo setup and printing process.

Photographers Are Also Artists

When you hire a professional photo printing company to capture your artwork, you also hire an artist. Each piece is delicately handled and inspected for quality. When they print photos, they know how to manipulate the lighting and cropping for the best results.

If you want something edited or changed, they can do that. They can also provide various print sizes, and paper types.

Most importantly, your chosen photo printing service respects your artwork and will do everything possible to represent it physically and correctly.

Physical Prints Over Digital Copies

While the internet has great options for preserving and protecting your photos, you can't exactly put photo files on display around your house. High-quality artwork can transform a room when printed properly. Physical prints are also much easier to share with your older relatives.

Order Professional Photo Printing Today

Professional photo printing should add a new dimension to your artwork rather than take away from it. Whether it's a painting, a landscape photo, or family treasure you'll want it printed in a way that preserves the art and helps it look as good as it should.

Atlanta Canvas and Print is one of the best places to order canvas prints online. We can help you create anything from mounted canvas images to a wall mural. Contact us to learn more about our work and tell us about your next project.