Skyline images make impressive canvas or metal prints perfect for a home or office photo gallery

Preserving Memories with the Art of a Photo Gallery

Preserve Christmas Memories

With the holiday season just around the corner, there are a couple of things you might be looking forward to such as a relaxing holiday vacation, home cooked meals, presents, and of course, the thought of being able to spend a long period of time together with your loved ones.

Mabry Mill is a scenic wonder located on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Since the dawn of compact cameras in the past century, photos have enabled us to take tangible souvenirs of significant events, moments, and marvelous places. Perhaps this is why we could automatically associate the practice of taking photos with the holiday season or when you’re traveling to a foreign destination.

Cherish Priceless Moments

And with the rapid advancement of technology in the past decade, smartphones and other devices have enabled us to easily document priceless moments and breathtaking views with a single touch of a screen or button without having to worry about running out of film or how to operate a traditional camera. These technological advances, especially with the smartphones, have made photography more convenient and accessible to more people, even to those without backgrounds in photography.

Many people would curate these photos and memories by putting them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Admittedly, these social media sites would not really do those amazing photos justice. An album of your holiday celebration or shots from your latest trip could easily be overshadowed in a span of a few minutes or hours by another friend’s post or set of photos, all found on that very dynamic news feed. So while it is nice to get some appreciation through likes and other reactions on social media, these are often just temporary.

Display Your Memories with Wall Art

And for the rest of the photos that don’t get posted on our social media pages, most of it will be forgotten in time as it just takes up memory space on your storage devices to gather digital dust until you access them again.

This is why despite how advanced our current technology might be and with almost everything going digital, printed out photos will never go out of style. Having your photos printed out and/or framed will always be a good option to not only preserve these special memories, but to do justice to those beautiful photos as well.


Atlanta Canvas and Print offers various printing options and services so that you may choose how to best present your own amazing shots. What’s more, a quality printed and mounted canvas photo could serve as one of the best gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Not only will you be sharing special memories, but this is also a piece of self-made art, which makes printed out photos such valuable gifts despite their simplicity.

So regardless if you’re printing them for yourself or if you’re giving them away as gifts, we are certain that if you choose to transform your photos in quality wall art with us, it will definitely give you the joy of being able to preserve your precious memories in beautiful pieces of art.

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