Digital photography is becoming much more popular these days as technology advances and becomes more convenient than ever before. Photo albums have been the traditional method for storing photos and saving fond memories of family and friends. Albums are typically printed out as a small glossy rectangular print. Although this has been the most popular method, a new and more in-depth option is rising. Atlanta Canvas and Print can do just that for you.

Printing photos on canvas provides a larger, better quality and more textured way to save photos of family and friends. You may also hang these up around your home or office. The best part about art prints is that you don’t need to be a highly skilled photographer to achieve professional-looking results. Anyone can turn a large photo into a canvas print, and here's what you need to do to do so!

Canvas Prints

There are a few important steps to undergo before you start photo printing in Atlanta and turn your photos into a stunning canvas print. Follow these steps to ensure you get the best results when converting your photo into an impressive canvas print.

Select a High Quality Picture

It’s essential to select a large-pixel-count picture that you want to convert into a canvas print. The reason being is that you don’t want your photo to come out pixelated and low quality, once it's printed onto the canvas. Having a high quality image will provide a sharp and high resolution look.

High-quality must relate to the image value on a personal level. The image must be important for a personal reason before the technical level may be considered. Remember that Pixel count is King in the print world. Select a large physical pixel count when you consider making a large canvas print. This will capture the entire essence of your photo,. Ensuring the photo is of the highest quality is a simple yet important detail.

Utilize an Editing Software

After selecting a high-quality picture, consider running it through a photo editing software to enhance the image. Making minor changes such as adjusting the lighting, contrast, and exposure will ensure the final canvas print looks great, as it can create a stunning picture. It’s also helpful to resize and crop the image to match the desired canvas size. Atlanta Canvas and Print can edit and professionally enhance your photos for you!

Pick a Canvas Image That Matches Your Room

Choose a canvas that matches the room you plan to put it in. The size of the canvas you pick should match the theme of the room it will go in. Think scale for selecting print size. Is the room a high ceiling one with towering walls and windows or a small, warm gathering place for conversation and thoughtful speculation?

Turn Your Photo Into a Canvas Today

At Atlanta Canvas and Print, our focus is on quality prints made to last. If you’re looking to build your art collection or even just put the pictures of family and friends onto a canvas, we’ve got you covered with photo printing in Atlanta. For any questions, please contact us.
March 15, 2023 — Caiden Orosco