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How To Care For and Maintain Prints

Canvas prints are an elegant way to display your favorite images with unique textured wall art that brings out vibrant colors and shades. This durable form of wall art can stand the test of time when facing reasonable exposure to the elements.

However, maintaining canvas prints to ensure their shine for years to come requires special, exceptional care. Occasional gentle cleanings can maintain the aesthetic quality of your canvas prints.

Atlanta Canvas and Print has the answers concerning how to clean a canvas print, including the safest and most effective ways to maintain them.

Hang Canvas Prints in a Cool, Dry Area Away from Direct Sunlight

Hanging a canvas print in a cool and dry area is one of the best ways to maintain canvas artwork. Heat and moisture can cause canvases to stretch and warp over time.

If you’re hanging canvas artwork in your home and worried about maintaining canvas prints, avoid locations like the bathroom, kitchen, or basement where moisture may commonly build up.

Furthermore, you can hang your canvas print in a well-lit area of your home to bring out its colors and finer details. Unfortunately, placing a print in a spot that receives direct sunlight for extended periods may cause it to fade over time.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners—Dust Prints, Don’t Rub Them

Like any other home fixture, canvas prints collect cobwebs and dust over time. When you clean your canvas print, use a duster to wipe off the print's surface. Heavily rubbing a print with fingers or an abrasive cloth can scratch the print’s surface.

Avoid turning to chemical cleaners when gently dabbing and dusting canvas prints isn’t enough to remove dirt or grime. Although common household cleaners remove dirt, dust, and debris effectively, these solutions can break down print coatings and strip away the ink. Once chemicals enter the canvas, it may prove impossible to remove them without further damaging the artwork.

When you need more cleaning power for maintaining canvas prints, choose a damp microfiber cloth and clean in circles over pressing and rubbing to ensure your print looks great and isn’t dripping with water or damaged.

Avoid Acid Paper When Storing

Canvas print artwork in your home can stand the test of time. Nonetheless, a time will likely come when you want to rotate your images, redecorate, etc. You’ll want to pull the prints down and store them in these instances.

The key to maintaining canvas prints while in storage is using acid-free paper or other acid-free materials. You want a material to protect your print’s surface from scratches, but acid components can yellow your artwork over time.

Caring for Your Canvas Prints

You can easily keep canvas print artwork looking fresh and vibrant for years. Simply ensure you carefully place the pieces and clean them with gentle techniques to maintain them over time. You can genuinely enjoy canvas print images for a lifetime with proper care.

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