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Hanging your Canvas Gallery Wrap

Are you curious about the best way to hang your new canvas gallery wrap for display? Many methods are available, so you are only limited by your creative ability! A straightforward way is using two or more screws depending on the size of your canvas print.

The tools needed for this project are simple carpenter tools usually available in most homes. A screwdriver, nailset, and trim level will do the job very effectively. First, look at the area open for displaying your print to determine the height you desire for the image to hang. Think about any windows, furniture, or lamps that may be problematic. Large canvas prints often are placed above couches or long narrow tables. Canvas prints usually have a matte or satin finish and do not present glare problems associated with lamps and nearby windows. Once this decision is made, you are ready to proceed with the installation.

Place the first two screws into the wall by taking your nailset and making a simple starting dimple in the sheetrock. This will allow the screw to enter the sheetrock without damaging it. Drive the screw into the starter hole and allow enough protruding depth to support the weight of the canvas gallery wrap. This is done by hanging the print on the screws from the back using the internal wooden frame. Repeat the process by using the level to draw a straight line from the first screw to the location of the second screw. You can measure the distance, to be exact, but likely taking a close look to evaluate the spacing for the screw will be accurate enough. Drive the second screw into the sheetrock as before, and the job will be complete. The final step is to hang the canvas print onto the two screws for a final, perfectly level display of your new canvas gallery wrap!

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