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Gallery Wraps: Your Memories Made Timeless

As a professional photographer, Robert Carney travels all over the world and takes a lot of amazing photos that he then makes into gorgeous prints for you to enjoy. But if you’re like me, when you go on vacation, you take a lot of pictures with your camera or phone, post some on social media and then mostly forget about them.

Alternatively, if you print out your photos, you look at them, put them in an album or a box, and then forget about them. Sure, it’s nice to rediscover these memories whenever you go through old boxes or your albums on “the cloud,” but what if there was a way to take some of your favorite vacation or family photos and turn them into beautiful canvas wall art?

I have great news because there is a way -- gallery wraps! With gallery wraps, your memories can truly be made timeless. But let's back up a bit, and explain what we’re talking about by answering 5 questions that you may or may not be thinking right now.

  1. What are gallery wraps? I’m glad you asked. Gallery wraps are a type of wall art where canvas is stretched over a frame for easy display on a wall in a home, gallery or museum. You might think of this as something only an artist does with paintings, but with modern, large format printing technology, you can actually also have your photos printed onto canvas and then stretched over the same type of wooden frame.
  2. Can a gallery wrap be framed? That’s another really helpful question. The great thing about this type of canvas wall art is that your gallery wraps can either be hung on your wall or mantlepiece as is, or you can have them framed as simply or elaborately as you wish, just like you can a painting.
  3. Should I make my own? Do you have a large format printer? I know I answered a question with a question, but most people don’t have a large enough printer. Even if you’re an artist who knows how to wrap your own, canvas, you're going to want to have a professional print your photos onto canvas. If you’re good with photoshop, you can retouch your photos yourself, but if not, a company like Atlanta Canvas and Print can correct your photo and optimize it for printing onto canvas.
  4. Where can I find gallery wraps? If you’re not sure what we mean by “gallery wraps” or “canvas wall art,” you can find examples at museums, galleries, your doctor’s office waiting room, and even cheap quality prints for sale at some of the big box stores. You might even have a friend or two who has some hanging in their own home. Gallery wraps are also common art in hotel rooms. But Atlanta Canvas and Print has plenty of examples if you’re curious.
  5. What if I don’t have my own photos? Really? You don’t have any photos? Okay, that’s fine. If you don’t have any photos of your own or you don’t feel confident that any of your photos will look good as a gallery wrap, you can purchase prints from a professional photographer and have them turned into canvas wall art. For example, here at Atlanta Canvas and Print, you can purchase prints from our own Robert Carney that will definitely look amazing in your home.

So whether you have memories of your own you’d like to display in your home so you can constantly be reminded of good times, or you’re looking to purchase some of Robert’s photographs, gallery wraps are a great way to turn any print into art. But me and everyone here at Atlanta Canvas and Print want to know what you think. And if you have questions about gallery wraps or want to order your own, we’re always here to help.

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