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Design the Perfect Canvas Print

Companies have long used visual imagery to provoke emotional responses. A business can use imagery to establish messaging with clients and workers to increase productivity, make potential consumers feel at ease, or simply share information about products and services.

Canvas art printing services offer quality alternatives to posters and vinyl art, creating an image with a three-dimensional appearance. Although many people think about canvas prints in terms of personal images, they display overall depth and texture to produce a professional appearance, perfect for increasing business appeal.

Canvas prints feature a timeless feel with additional durability over traditional posters and artwork to ensure the images stand the test of time. Carefully chosen canvas images can help promote a business due to the stunning color quality and reproduction they produce.

Making the Right First Impression

First impressions matter most when potential customers enter your business. Canvas prints can help create an inviting environment, impressing customers and prospects. Displaying a canvas in a reception area showing images of your staff doing what they do best or images of the local area can demonstrate that the company plays an active role in the community.

Choose the Right Size

A canvas print company will likely offer you more than one size format when they receive your images. Choosing the ideal size is a matter of personal choice; however, 8” x 8” prints are perfect for tabletop decor pieces or filling in a singular bookshelf cell.

Multiple 8” x 12” prints work great for creating “gallery” displays and panoramic images, and 16” x 16” works best when your office doesn’t have the wall space for extra large prints but still wants to command attention from viewers.

An Artistic Finish

Standard photo prints offer a distinctive touch to office decor, but for companies that want to do something different, choosing a canvas print helps images to appear more artistic. The material texture gives images depth and character, transforming seemingly mundane images into elegant pieces of artwork.

High-Resolution Images

Using HD images helps canvas print companies like Atlanta Canvas and Print recreate crystal-clear final products that look like an artisan painted directly onto the canvas. 13.2 megapixels (3,100 x 4480 pixels) are ideal for larger, wall-hung canvas prints. When using lower-quality images, sticking to smaller canvas sizes is typically the best way to produce a beautiful print.

Adorn Your Office with Elegant Canvas Prints

When it comes to decorating your company office, selecting suitable artwork can seem like a daunting task. Choosing high-quality canvas prints from Atlanta Canvas and Print can help you feel confident in a wise investment for the look and value of your office.

Professional canvas printing can provide you with versatility and durability using finishes that help keep your office artwork durable. Decorating your business is only limited by your imagination. Choosing professional canvas printing will help you make a stunning impact with an entirely new office artwork dimension.

To learn more about Atlanta Canvas and Print, our services, and how we can help you with a new addition to your office, contact us today for additional information.

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