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Creating a Gallery Wall

The gallery wall aesthetic is a timeless look that always stays in style. However, pulling together multiple images for a proper fit can feel overwhelming. After all, some art pieces are expensive, and curating the right images can take time.

Gallery walls continue to increase in popularity, providing home and business owners an easy way to update their interior aesthetics. A curated gallery wall can transform blank, bland walls to create an elegant focal point in the home.

However, you can take this a step further by using canvas printing services instead of painting or wallpapering feature walls. Printing photos on canvas is an excellent way to produce beautiful designs that perfectly fit your home.

Plan Your Gallery Wall

Producing a gorgeous gallery wall as the focal point of a room requires far more than arbitrarily selecting some images and then printing a photo on canvas. A canvas gallery needs careful planning to look its best in any interior.

Using a tape ruler and some painter’s tape can help you level your canvas prints and measure where you want to hang them. You’ll also determine how much space each print needs to fit the space and look its best.

Select Your Favorite Images

When choosing images for your canvas gallery wall, choose the ones you absolutely love. Keep these photos organized so you can easily find them when you’re ready to hand them over to a canvas printing company.

You can also organize your images by type for multiple gallery projects. Consider organizing images by lifestyle, portrait, or events to save time when looking for the right image to finish the gallery. Don’t worry about organizing by size, as professional canvas printers like Atlanta Canvas and Print typically offer photo enlargement on canvas.

Matching with Decor

Many people that create canvas gallery walls choose to match prints to complement the colors of their decor. You can look through your freshly organized images to find complementary tones or ask your printing provider to change shades to match.

Some homeowners also plan their next photo session with the display area in mind, taking photos to pair well with the look and feel of their homes. They’ll take the photographs they use in a location or wear clothing that complements the home or room.

Black and White Images Help Rooms Feel Spacious

Black and white images in different colored and textured frames keep prints from looking cluttered and can give a display a unified look. Some will include a colored photo in the center to first draw attention to this image.

Designing a gallery wall with the opposite pattern in mind works well to tie a room together as well. Using colorful canvas images with black or white accents is similarly effective.

Using a Professional Canvas Print Company

Atlanta Canvas and Print offer fine art fiber-based paper for home decor and office displays, the perfect solution for high-quality canvas print gallery walls. We specialize in printing photos on canvas, helping our clients obtain high-quality, clear prints to adorn their homes or offices.

To learn more about Atlanta Canvas and Print and how we can help you with gorgeous canvas prints utilizing your images, contact our dedicated and experienced team today for additional information.

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