Image of a beautiful seascape such as would make a very large canvas gallery wrap.

Canvas Gallery Wraps: Elevating Your Home Decor

As a professional landscape artist and owner of Atlanta Canvas and Print, I have seen firsthand how a well-crafted canvas gallery wrap can transform a space. In this blog, we'll explore the nuances of canvas gallery wraps and how they can elevate your home decor.

A seascape printed on a canvas gallery wrap waiting to be installed.

Key Points

What is a Canvas Gallery Wrap?

A simple definition and explanation of the gallery wrap technique is to understand that the canvas fabric, after printing, is stretched around a premade wooden frame in a manner that will give the impression of the image surrounding or encapsulating that frame. This stretching technique means that the image has had an extension made that is computer-generated and added to the actual cropped version (or as submitted) of your image. This generated imagery does not change the original image and will provide enough additional length to the fabric for stapling to the back side of the frame out of sight. It makes a beautiful and clean display that will not compete with the beauty and detail of the image itself.

Why Choose Gallery Wraps for Your Home?

    • Consider the Aesthetic benefits: seamless edges that give the illusion of the image flowing around the edge of the frame and appearing connected somehow to the wall. The continuation of the image makes a clean, professional look. Also, the frame is now an invisible means of supporting the canvas fabric, allowing a possible float mount frame to be added if needed for a particular "look!"
    • Versatility in home decor: Mix and match alongside framed pictures suitable for various styles, from modern to classic.


Quality Matters: What to Look for in a Gallery Wrap


Importance of tautness, hand-stretching, and high-quality wooden frames.

    • The often overlooked factor of the temperature environment, including the humidity level of your home or office, is particularly important. The change from high-humidity summer ratings to the dry, heat-promoted temperatures of a winter environment causes a significant variation in the manner in which the wooden frame expands and contracts. Eventually, these variations may cause the canvas to loosen, making it less attractive than it was upon delivery and installation.
    • The canvas gallery wraps provided by Atlanta Canvas and Print meet these high standards using Canon factory ink and a premium cotton polyester canvas fabric that will last for generations.


Another important suggestion is to select a lab that proudly advertises its use of archival inks and premium canvas fabrics. These fabrics must use a good mix of cotton and polyester, guaranteeing longevity and vibrancy of color and detail in your artwork.

Size Matters

Atlanta Canvas and Print has made many huge gallery-wrap canvas prints for clients to display in Corporate America. Our knack for producing large canvas prints has significantly contributed to the growth of this company. A recent customer bought four ten-foot-tall canvas gallery wraps to create a background that was used for an awards ceremony. The order was for four panels, produced to allow takedown and reinstallation as needed for ongoing award presentations. The "produce as needed" attitude at Atlanta Canvas and Print has helped many trade shows and institutional customers to accomplish critical goals on time. We are grateful to have their confidence and look forward to further challenges...

Gallery wraps are more than just a way to display your photos; they are a statement piece that can enhance any room. At Atlanta Canvas and Print, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality gallery wraps that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship.


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