A Guide to Making Your Art Shine - Atlanta Canvas and Print

Have you decided to produce a fine art print here in Atlanta but found many decisions that require research? The first decision is the emotional one of selecting the perfect image for the display. These are usually either artistic choices or dynamic family choices here. So make a great decision. Once you have chosen an image file for printing, understand that it requires enough pixels to guarantee a satisfactory resolution that will enlarge into a well-thought-out photo display. Is the file large enough in pixel count to render an image with enough resolution to satisfy its purpose? The larger the final print size desired, the more pixels are necessary for adequate clarity. Often it may look slightly soft-focus at magnification when viewed closely. Just remember that it will be viewed from a distance and appear much better. Is it clear and detailed enough to make you proud of it when on display in your home or office? Should canvas be the media of choice, or might one consider making a print on fine art paper?

These choices are real and complex. Is the room for this display big and spacious or small and warm, a place conducive to thinking or quiet conversation? Are there large towering windows flooding the room with sunlight or several lamps of different brightness there? The light in the room will often determine the choice of finish for any media chosen for your production. Remember that a lamp or window may cause large glares on the face of your new piece of art. Canvas media traditionally has a satin or matte finish. Fine Art papers may also offer a similar matte or satin finish selection. A fine art print using matte-finished cotton paper will not reflect the light or allow a glare, even if hung near a lamp or window. Canvas prints using a matte or satin finish are also an effective way to see the details of the image without a glare ruining the view.

Timing is another critical consideration. How soon is the art piece needed for display? The decision for a fine art paper print requires intelligent logistics and timing. After finding a qualified photo lab to print the image, the succeeding process requires a Frame Shop that also requires a considerable time for production. Most labs like Atlanta Canvas and Print offer an Internet connection for ordering your prints. You must deliver the photo to the Frame Shop to begin its production.

Conversely, a canvas print on an internal frame is ready to hang on the wall upon delivery from the lab. Timeliness is an essential consideration, and so are the cost parameters. Framing a fine art print requires time to drive to the Frame Shop, then design time and stylistic consideration. All the extra effort to produce a framed Fine Art print will be worthwhile in some cases but unnecessary in others.

Atlanta Canvas and Print prints high-quality Canvas and Fine Art prints of your favorite image file, turning it into a lifelong pathway full of memories!