Last Fall in the Grand Tetons NP - Atlanta Canvas and Print

Last Fall in the Grand Tetons NP

Grand Tetons Large Canvas Prints

This set of pictures of the Northern Moulton barn in the Grand Teton NP, features the backlighting of this huge colorful Cottonwood tree that caught my eye as I wandered around this iconic location!

Cottonwood Tree Canvas Picture Prints of GTNP

The omnipresent mountain landscape behind the tree intrigues everyone who is fortunate enough to visit this area. The scale of such a huge panorama is truly sensual overload when the light is just right! I live in a major city (Atlanta) and have become used to the noise of horns blowing and lawnmowers running, and all the ancillary noise associated with the big city life! The impact of the very obvious silence of the wind blowing in the trees and the simple gurgling of the stream flowing by was an amazing anesthetic for my soul. A wonderful peace flowed into me as I walked about.

Teton stream at Moulton Barn large canvas prints

Then as you look around at the relics of the primitive early times lifestyle you realize that even though life was indeed difficult it had the magnificence of Mother Nature to aid in daily life…

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