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5 Key Advantages to Canvas Prints Over Paper

The image in many people’s minds when it comes to photography is the classic 8 x 10-inch glossy photograph in a frame sitting on a desk or hanging on the wall. It’s an iconic image, and yet extremely limiting too. Plus, the cost of printing your photography, matting it and framing it is very expensive. Not to mention the fact that frames are heavy, and the larger your print, the more cumbersome it will be to transport once it’s framed.

The good news is that there is another way to print your photos so you can display them as large as you want anywhere in your home or office while making them look like they’re priceless masterpieces that belong in a museum. Canvas prints, also known as canvas gallery wraps are an excellent and high-quality way that you can display your most treasured photos that provide many benefits when it comes to versatility, beauty, and affordability versus having your photos printed on paper.

Let’s explore 5 advantages of canvas prints:

1. Eliminate expensive bulky frames

When you make the decision to print onto canvas instead of paper, your image is stretched onto a frame in the same way that an artist stretches their canvas onto a frame before painting. As a result, your print is pre-framed. There’s no need to cover any of the image with matting material or a frame and the process actually wraps the image over the top, bottom, and sides of the photograph. Of course, you can still frame a gallery wrapped canvas print, but it’s optional and not necessary. And because you don’t need a frame, canvas prints usually cost less than large format framed prints.

2. Heirloom quality masterpieces

As an amateur photographer, you know that your hobby isn’t cheap. Sure, cameras in cell phones are improving, sometimes even impressive. But they’re still no substitute for a real camera, whether you’re shooting digital or good old-fashioned 35mm film. You work hard on your chosen artform as well. Canvas prints and gallery wraps allow you to display your best work while giving it the quality of a gorgeous oil painting. Your canvas prints are permanent and can be handed down and cherished for generations to come.

3. No size limit

With photographs printed on paper and then framed, you sacrifice some of your image to both the matte and the frame itself. Plus the larger, the print, the heavier the frame, meaning that you’re limited when it comes to the size print you can display. However, with canvas prints, because the image is wrapped around a frame, you never have to sacrifice any of your image. Furthermore, you’re not limited to a maximum size. That’s because gallery wrapped canvas prints are much lighter weight and can even be split into panels so they’re perfect in any size, including larger wall spaces.

4. Glare-free

Even a matte photo under glass is going to encounter glare when it’s hung on the walls of your office or in your living room. Gallery wraps are pre-framed and don’t require glass, so light and sun won’t reflect off them in the same way as they do on a framed photograph. That means you can enjoy the entire image all the time without the distraction of glare, and not just when the sun is in the correct position.

5. Save money

Sure, canvas as a material is expensive, but surprisingly not as expensive on average as it is to have a print mounted and framed. It might seem counterintuitive, but having your most prized photos printed on canvas instead of investing in frames actually costs less in most cases. Plus, you never have to wait as long for a canvas print as you normally do for a print to be professionally framed. When you choose to have your photography captured onto canvas you get a large format print that has the quality of a painting and looks like it cost more than having your image printed on paper and framed.


Don’t get us wrong. When it comes to photography and photo printing, there’s room for more than one option. Plus, there are times where a framed photo is the right choice. However, because canvas prints can be printed in any size, are less expensive, are glare-free, don’t require framing, and turn your photography into a unique piece of art that can be appreciated and passed down through your family for years to come, they’re the perfect choice when it comes to wall decor for your home, office, or business.

Wondering if canvas prints or gallery wraps are the right choice for your photographs? Contact us here at Atlanta Canvas and Print.

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