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New Orleans Visit from Last Year

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Last year two old friends and I visited New Orleans with no particular agenda other than photographing any interesting sights that we may stumble upon. It was in early October as I remember and the weather was delightful. It actually was pretty warm on some days.

We have always had fun just heading out and seeing what was there. This trip was full of interesting sights. One of the first fun venues was seeing the filming of NCIS New Orleans that was happening in several places we came upon. There is a huge movie industry in New Orleans, and it actually was fun to see some of the stars in person. Because we had cameras it was funny how “strongarms” magically appeared as if to keep us from photographing anything.

Nothing was said but it seemed obvious that we should keep walking and do no shooting. As many years as we all have been in photography it really was no big deal. The big stars were not there anyway at the time. Later we did see one arriving in his entourage at a different location.

In thinking back to the highlights of the trip, touring the city zoo and the Pearl River excursion were really fun. At the pearl river we rode around in a large pontoon boat through the swamps and saw much wildlife. Mostly pretty tame stuff such as raccoons and alligators.

Racoon sightings in New Orleans

Still a fun time. Lots of common water birds such as a Great Blue Heron and several snowy egrets. There were abandoned old boats and fish camps that were cool to see.

Photography Trip

In the ensuing days we enjoyed the food in several overpriced restaurants and continued to wander. One day we drove out looking for the plantation homes we had heard about from locals that we spoke to about interesting sights to see. We went through Laura’s Plantation and saw artifacts from the slave days of long ago. Plantain was a major food source and plants were abundant there.

Plantain forest on the plantation

It was very interesting and terrific to photograph. We spent a couple of hours wandering around the grounds there. The next plantation was the one used in the Forrest Gump movie we were told.

Forest Gump plantation

The day was about gone so there was only time to shoot an exterior of the view from the highway. However, it turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the trip. It was overall a good time to enjoy old friends and just leisurely live life! If you have the time to slowly get about the city it is a great trip!